Scientific Name- Termopsidae

Color - brown

Sounds- snapping, popping

Digestive tract - yes

What is an Dampwood termite?

Dampwood termites, as the name implies, infest wood with a high humidity content. Dampwood termites are typically larger in size than other types of termites.


Colonies with dampwood termites, like termites with drywood, do not have a classification for staff. The nymph dampwood termites take care of the colony's kings and queens, and feed the group of soldiers. These termites build a series of wooden chambers which are connected, as if sandpapered, by tunnels with smooth walls.



Termites of dampwood are commonly found in logs, stumps, dead trees, fence posts and utility poles.


Dampwood termites typically don't infest structures due to their excessive moisture requirement. Care must be taken to avoid attracting dampwood termites to a building, however, as they can cause significant damage to land. In addition, dampwood termites and other termite species cause annual property damage collectively to $5 billion.

Dampwood Termite Prevention

Homeowners can reduce sources of moisture by diverting water away from the base of the home to prevent dampwood termites. Repairing leaking faucets, water pipes and AC units on the outside of the home is critical, as dampwood termites are often attracted to these areas. Firewood should be kept within 20 feet of the building. Reduce humidity by adequately ventilating crawl spaces, attics, and basements to avoid dampwood termites indoors.